Nebraska State Lobbying | Kelley Plucker, LLC
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Nebraska State Lobbying

Lobbying in Nebraska is a vital part of the political process that allows a wide range of voices to be heard and gives individuals and groups a way to advocate for their positions on important issues in the Nebraska Unicameral.


It allows private groups and individuals to have a say in the decisions made by legislators and other government officials, helping to shape public policy and create a more representative democracy.


Professional lobbyists and organizations that engage in lobbying play an important role in bringing important issues to the attention of decision makers and providing valuable insights and expertise on a variety of topics. This helps ensure that a diverse range of perspectives are considered when it comes to policy making, leading to more informed and balanced decisions.


Additionally, the transparency and accountability measures in place in Nebraska, such as the requirement for lobbyists to register and disclose their activities, help to ensure that the lobbying process is fair and transparent.


Kelley Plucker, LLC is a registered lobbyist with the Office of the Clerk of the Legislature.


At Kelley Plucker, LLC, we have years of experience navigating our state’s most complex issues and have established relationships with key state and local leaders across the state of Nebraska. We have been entrenched in some of the most intense debates before our state legislature. 


Kelley Plucker Nebraska Lobbying Experience:

  • Tax Policy
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • State Appropriations


Our lobbying practice works with lawmakers and policymakers in all areas of government to bring about change that protects our clients’ interests. We commit the time and energy necessary to fully understand our clients’ issues and provide details to legislators.


Contact us today to learn more about how our state lobbying practice can help you!