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About Us

At Kelley Plucker, LLC, we go above and beyond the immediate expectations.  As one of Nebraska’s most experienced and seasoned lobbying groups, Kelley Plucker has established relationships with key state and local leaders at all levels from Omaha to Ogallala.  With Kelley Plucker’s collective experience, the Firm has gained the trust and respect of elected officials for decades.

Why Kelley Plucker, LLC?

Kelley Plucker understands the complexities of the Nebraska Legislature, local government, political subdivisions, rulemaking processes, procurement, and regulatory structures.  Through our experience and nuanced knowledge of complex matters before the Nebraska Unicameral and other political bodies, we are well positioned to provide expert advice and guidance on the impact of proposed or pending policy change and the impact of those changes.


Our lobbying, law, and government relations practice works with lawmakers and policymakers in all areas of government to bring about change that protects our clients’ interests.


Our firm has both Omaha and Lincoln offices to conveniently host and meet policymakers.  Our Lincoln office is located in the Mayfair Building across the street from the Capitol.  Our Omaha office is centrally-located, in the heart of the Omaha metropolitan area.  These convenient locations make it possible to meet with lawmakers, even in the midst of a busy session.


Although Nebraska’s Unicameral is officially non-partisan, political parties tend to vote together.  We spend time developing and fostering relationships across party lines and present the issues with respect to the legislator’s perspective.  Our experience and track record proves our ability to work with both parties.

We have a track record of trust and honesty that brings about instant credibility.  We have a reputation for succinctly explaining issues to legislators in a straightforward manner, facilitating additional dialogue between our clients and legislators.

Our clients bring government issues to our Firm.  We pride ourselves on not only identifying the issues, but most importantly identifying the solutions and effectuating positive outcomes.

The political world is a small universe and Nebraska politics is even smaller.  Our experience and reputation bring about a trusted presence before the Nebraska Legislature and local governing bodies.  Collectively, our three generations of lobbying and legal experience have earned us a place among the most trusted lobbying professionals in the state.

As licensed attorneys, we use our experience to not only provide information, but persuade legislators of the issues before them.  We are constantly evaluating the issues and framing our position to accomplish the client’s objective.

Over the years, our commitment to excellence and passion for our clients has been recognized.